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JTT is a New Zealand not-for-profit social enterprise created by doctors and medical students to support future doctors. A social enterprise is like a charity that does not depend on donations to produce positive impact. Our mission is to provide reliable and accountable information, individualised guidance and market-leading academic and pastoral support for our students.

We’re confident to say that when it comes to medical school entry, no other organisation has our depth of expertise. We are the only medical entry organisation in NZ that works in formal partnership with secondary schools and district health boards.

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We’re proud of the community we’ve built and the genuine support we provide our students. If our hundreds of testimonials aren’t enough, we encourage you to ask any Auckland medical student about our reputation.

A Brief Introduction to Entering Auckland Medical School

Entering into Auckland Medical School is surprisingly technical. You may have heard that it is competitive and stressful. This is unfortunately true, but many students make it much harder than it needs to be – some even make it so much unnecessarily harder that is borders on impossible.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important information that you need to know in order to get your head around planning and preparation.

Entering medical school in Auckland is very achievable and realistic for driven and hard-working students. Many of the make-or-break challenges can be overcome surprisingly smoothly with the right preparation. In our experience of working with thousands of students for longer than anyone else in NZ, we estimate that at least 50% of students who failed to enter medical school could have avoided this with more reliable information and better planning.

There are two pathways for undergraduate entry into medical school: healthscience and biomed. Both can be considered as equal opportunity for entry, though years ago, biomed held a significant advantage in entry rates.

We recommend science-leaning students to do biomed, while students who are more interested in public health or policy to do healthscience.

Of the approximately 1500 to 2000 students who attempt to enter each year, only about 150 students will be successful.

It’s important to note that all 1500+ students were achieving in the top 20% of their year during high school, so comparing high school achievement with premed university achievement is not advised.

In addition to this, priority entry is given to targeted groups that are in much higher need in the workforce, especially rural candidates and Māori and Pacific candidates. These seats are not competed for by general entrants, so there is no cross-competition with these special entry schemes, despite what misinformed people may (loudly) complain about.

The ranking is determined by three components:

  1. Grades as an average across the four core papers (60% weighting)
  2. UCAT score as a total scaled score of the first four sections (15% weighting)
  3. Interview scores out of 240 (25% weighting)

This ranking is actually incredibly important to understand in detail because there are many aspects to this that are not publicly known, especially with regards to the true importance of each and how the grades are distributed.

There is a lot to explain here, which you can learn more about through our free preparation course linked below.

Depending on your academic ability and your current year level, the focus of preparation changes. We cover this extensively in our free preparation course linked below.

Included is also a preparation roadmap which is designed on what we have observed to produce the candidates with the highest chances of entering medical school.

Parents can sometimes be the biggest barrier to the student’s success. This is not because they are deliberately making it more difficult, but because they are very often misinformed and create strategies that are dangerous and risky.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that parents think carefully about where they receive information from. Always check the information you get with other sources, and assess the credibility of the person, group, or organisation that is advising you.

If the information you receive makes you feel pressured to sign onto an expensive contract, you should be very skeptical! Often, they will create a sense of urgency to stop you from researching more. If this is the case, take time to discuss the information with us and we will fact-check it for you.

You may be surprised at what you find out by Googling some reviews!

Top tips

We have seen students and parents make every type of mistake when it comes to entering medical school. Many of these mistakes can significantly and irreversibly damage the chances of success. To ensure you do not make these same mistakes, we recommend that you follow the following top tips.

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Free Preparation Course

We've created a concise, not-to-miss course on entering Auckland medical school and how to prepare in the best possible way, based on our extensive experience. This course is recommended for year 11 to year 13 students (or keen parents).

Free Consultation

Dr Hiwa Baker, our dedicated student advisor, famous for spending an hour on the phone answering questions, is available to help you create individualised strategies for making your entry into medical school as safe and stress-free as possible.

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