Effective UCAT Preparation

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a critical thinking and evidence-based decision making test used in Australia and New Zealand for medical entry. It formally replaced the UMAT in 2019 and is derived from the successful UKCAT which has been running for several years in the UK.

Our philosophy on preparation

We have a very strict philosophy on the services and help we offer: We only do the best.

That means that if we don’t think we can do the best job for you, we would rather not do it. Compromising on this standard is not worth the money we would make from an over-marketed UCAT preparation course that we wouldn’t be proud to put our brand on.

That’s why we do not offer UCAT preparation.

Over 70% of all 90th+ Percentile UCAT students use the iCanMed course.

We want the best for our students.
That’s why we independently evaluated every major UCAT preparation provider for their:

In our conclusion, we are happy to officially recommend iCanMed for your UCAT preparation needs. Academy Plus members receive over 40% off on the iCanMed Pro Course.

What’s in it for us? We think it’s important that our recommendation doesn’t come with an ulterior motive. That’s why we receive absolutely no remuneration for this recommendation.

We recommend iCanMed

iCanMed is an Australian and New Zealand UCAT preparation provider that ticks every one of our criteria. Remember, Academy Plus members receive an exclusive 40% discount.
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