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A+ Tutor Sessions

Our members get access to 10 hours of open tutor sessions per week for all premed core papers and PHYSICS160. Sessions are held 2 hours per evening for 5 evenings per week. During these sessions, students can drop in online via our private members-only community Discord server to have any and all questions answered by a trained A+ tutor.

Most learning during university is independent and we have found that facilitating this is more effective than structured classes which may not suit everyone. Amidst lockdowns and uncertainty about physical spaces, with our open tutor sessions, you always have easy access to an A+ tutor at your fingertips.


Online Academy

Unlike most video lessons, our online academy is designed for an A+ level of understanding. It condenses lecture concepts, textbook material and years of teaching experience into easy-to-understand, bite-sized lessons. Our video lessons cover every concept in the premed core papers with an estimated 98-99% material coverage for A+, including relevant textbook material. Content is updated every year to stay accurate and relevant to the curriculum.

The online academy is most useful for prestudying the lecture material either before premed begins, or on a weekly basis throughout the semester. As we teach the material faster (and usually more intuitively) than the lectures, the academy is a time-efficient way to prime yourself on the material to come.


MMI (Multiple Mini Interview)

Our interview course comes highly reviewed for making the MMI simple and genuine. If you're looking for scripted answers or tricking interviewers, look elsewhere! Our course focuses on helping you bring the best, most genuine version of yourself to the interview. Whether the genuine version of you is suitable for medicine or not is up to the interviewers! Our course teaches about:

  1. Introspecting deeply
  2. Authentically learning more about the medical career
  3. Enhancing understanding of ethics and healthcare issues
  4. Communicating these thoughts concisely
  5. Preventing nervousness from getting in the way

Our MMI course is not covered in the monthly membership as not everyone will be interested in it.

Not included

UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test)

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a critical thinking and evidence-based decision making test used in Australia and New Zealand for medical entry. It formally replaced the UMAT in 2019 and is derived from the successful UKCAT which has been running for several years in the UK.

We recommend viewing our free webinar discussing guidelines for selecting a UCAT course. We do not offer our own UCAT course due to the massively specialised expertise required to do it to an adequate standard, however we have reviewed the courses provided by other companies and can offer our recommendations. As the UCAT is a totally unfamiliar style of assessment for most students, we generally recommend some level of preparation, unless the student can achieve over 90th percentile with no preparation in a practice sitting of the official UCAT in year 13.

Not included

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