My Parents Want Me To Be a Doctor, What If I Don't? | EP 30
My Parents Want Me To Be a Doctor, What If I Don't? | EP 30

Getting Under the Skin of Medicine

Subcutaneous, or commonly abbreviated to subcut, means under the skin. 

What is the medical career really like?
What are doctors reluctant to talk about?

Whether you’re a student looking at a career in medicine, a training medical student, or a working junior doctor, join us as we explore the realities of one of the most romanticised and opaque careers there is.

Let’s get under the skin of abseil window cleaning.

I mean, medicine.

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Justin Speaking at Seminar
Niel Kulkarni
Emma Gomes - SubCut Host

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Meet Your Hosts

Justin Sung

Dr Justin Sung

MBChB, BMedSci (Hons), Certified Teacher
Justin is a former junior-doctor trying to be a social entrepreneur in New Zealand. He spends his time working with youth in career decision-making, skills-development, and medical education.
Niel Kulkarni

Niel Kulkarni

MBChB (Student)
Niel is a medical student in Auckland with years of tutoring and mentoring experience under his belt. He has a keen interest in both aerospace medicine and laughing with concerning enthusiasm.
Emma Gomes

Emma Gomes

Physiotherapy Student
Emma is a physiotherapy student that wants to change her degree. You will often find her over thinking or giggling (or both at the same time) and she is passionate about stationery!!!!
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