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JTT is a social enterprise, NZ registered charity and not-for-profit organisation created by medical students and doctors. We are not only the most experienced medical admissions organisation in New Zealand, but we are also the only medical admissions organisation that works officially and directly with district health boards and secondary schools. Our mission is to provide market-leading support and guidance in a fair and equitable way.

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A Letter from our Founder, Dr Justin Sung

Dr Justin has assisted thousands of students into medical school in New Zealand, making him NZ’s most experienced medical admissions expert. Starting with a team of just five while he was still a medical student, JTT has now grown to a team of over 20 employees and volunteers, serving hundreds of students every year.

Kia ora reader,

My name is Justin Sung. I graduated University of Auckland medical school in 2017 and have been assisting students into medicine since 2012.

I had a stressful first-year university experience. It’s a story that’s become semi-famous within the medical school after telling it every year to my students.

For the first nine days of university I studied from 8 AM until 12 AM every day. On day 10 I heard that one of my peers studied until 2 AM. From that day until November, I studied from 8 AM until 4 or 5 AM every day. I lived on just two or three hours of sleep until I crashed and caught up with six hours once a week. 

Every weekend, every break, every holiday. 

My first year was emotionally unstable, mentally broken and sleep-deprived. As my students will remember from this story, I used to dissolve intense mints in water and rub them on my eyelids to stay awake…

If this sounds unhealthy, I’m glad you have at least more sense than I did.

After I entered medical school, I realised that the workload is much higher than first-year. The unsustainable nature of my life was obviously apparent and I began what would become an obsessive quest for self-improvement and efficiency; one that continues to this day.

Since then, I’ve learned how the whole experience can be a lot easier. I began helping younger students navigate their year with less stress than I faced, and over time, I had helped a lot of them. Writing this now, my personal mission is to create a truly collaborative, supportive and non-toxic environment for those entering into and progressing through medical school. I’m passionate about helping others holistically and empowering students to help themselves.

I created JTT to be a student-centred service in every way: uncompromising quality of tutoring with a competitive, but highly supportive community.

Please look around the site and ask me questions if you have any.
Whether you’re a JTT regular or not, as a future colleague of mine, advice is free 🙂

Stay efficient and best of luck!

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Justin Sung

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