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Our Story and Kaupapa

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”

Albert Einstein

We get you.

"I want to be a doctor!"

We said.

It’s exciting. It feels good.

But it’s confusing

What does it take?

How hard do I need to work?

And what if it isn't enough?

We were afraid to fail.

So we worked hard, studied a lot and sacrificed a lot.

We stopped playing sports. We spent less time with friends and family.

And we made it!

We entered medical school and were one step closer.

But we were lucky...

While our friends didn’t make it.

They sacrificed just as much and worked just as hard, maybe more.

They deserved it just as much, maybe even more.

Fast forward 7 years...

And we’ve finished our first year as a doctor!

It was not what we expected.

The thing is… seven years ago, we knew little more than the concept of


Honestly, it wasn’t a well-informed career decision.
We’d just tricked ourselves…

So what now?

We are the medical community.

Our story is shared by many medical students and doctors.

And we're changing that.

No more uncertainty and fear.
More transparency.
Better career guidance.

JTT is a community of medics brought together by a common mission...

To break down the barriers we had to overcome to enter medicine.

Our vision is that one day, every student who aspires to become a doctor will have access to reliable guidance. For almost 10 years, we've assisted thousands of students into medical careers and are proudly relied on by hundreds of students across the country every year.

Dr Justin Sung - Kaupapa

JTT is founded by Dr Justin Sung, NZ’s most experienced medical entry expert.

Good teaching creates independence, not students who are reliant on tutoring.

We believe in providing the most genuine support possible, standing against fear-mongering and primarily profit-driven competition. As certified educators, we deliver the highest quality of teaching in the simplest, most efficient way possible.

Justin Sung

A Letter from Justin

Kia ora reader,

My name is Justin Sung. I graduated University of Auckland medical school in 2017 and have been assisting students into medicine since 2012.

I had a stressful first-year university experience. It’s a story that’s become semi-famous within the medical school after telling it every year to my students.

For the first nine days of university I studied from 8 AM until 12 AM every day. On day 10 I heard that one of my peers studied until 2 AM. From that day until November, I studied from 8 AM until 4 or 5 AM every day. I lived on just two or three hours of sleep until I crashed and caught up with six hours once a week. 

Every weekend, every break, every holiday. 

My first year was emotionally unstable, mentally broken and sleep-deprived. As my students will remember from this story, I used to dissolve intense mints in water and rub them on my eyelids to stay awake…

If this sounds unhealthy, I’m glad you have at least more sense than I did.

After I entered medical school, I realised that the workload is much higher than first-year. The unsustainable nature of my life was obviously apparent and I began what would become an obsessive quest for self-improvement and efficiency; one that continues to this day.

Since then, I’ve learned how the whole experience can be a lot easier. I began helping younger students navigate their year with less stress than I faced, and over time, I had helped a lot of them. Writing this now, my personal mission is to create a truly collaborative, supportive and non-toxic environment for those entering into and progressing through medical school. I’m passionate about helping others holistically and empowering students to help themselves.

I created JTT to be a student-centred service in every way: uncompromising quality of tutoring with a competitive, but highly supportive community.

Please look around the site and ask me questions if you have any.
Whether you’re a JTT regular or not, as a future colleague of mine, advice is free 🙂

Stay efficient and best of luck!

Justin's Signature

Justin Sung

Read the full letter

30% Of Our Profit Goes to Charitable Impact


JTT is a social enterprise. 

Social enterprises are businesses that are built for impact, overcoming many of the challenges that traditional charities face. Unlike a normal company which only thinks about their profit margin, we primarily aim to use our business model to produce social change.



We don’t over-promise and make irresponsible guarantees. There’s no need to.
The only guarantee we make is that we have your best interests in mind, and our services reflect that philosophy.

Profit-First Companies Social Enterprises
Priority is to sell as much as possible and increase profits We never sell anything we don't think you genuinely need.
Quality of service is only relevant if it makes more money Invest in industry-leading staff training so our students are truly supported
May provide limited, low-cost discounts or scholarships to assist in public image - otherwise known as corporate social responsibility (CSR) Use 30% of our profits to create meaningful impacts in key areas of need.
Charge as much as the consumer can be marketed to spend Charge to cover costs, pay staff, and create more impact for more people
Key stakeholders are investors Key stakeholders are parents, students, schools and other community organisations
Information geared towards convincing people to buy more or increase reputation Information is checked for accuracy and reliability to empower students and families to make informed decisions


As a partner with six of secondary school Health Science Academies run by the Counties Manukau District Health Board, we’ve awarded almost 100 scholarships to students in financial hardship since 2015. And we’re just getting started.


Subsidised academic and personal support for students in financial hardship and at-risk minority groups.

Over $250,000/year

We give out the highest value of subsidised or free support through our scholarship program than any other medical entry organisation in Australasia.
About scholarships

Mental Health

Holistic student support means exactly that. We look out for our community the way we would like to be looked after.

JTT Clarity Fund

We have a range of mental health support avenues that we provide for free to students within the medical community.
Coming soon!

Students First

We obsess over the reliability and genuineness of our student support.

No Fear Factor

We create supportive communities to provide trustworthy advice and fight against toxic competition and fear-mongering
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