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We’re proud to provide the largest range and highest value of scholarships and support for future medical professionals of any non-governmental organisation in New Zealand.

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We award over $200,000 worth of free academic support every year for students in financial or significant personal hardship. If you are wanting to receive our services but feel financially limited, we encourage you to apply. 

Almost 90% of our scholarship applicants are successful at receiving one of our scholarship tiers.

We have our own scholarship calculator which factors in your cumulative household income, non-household income sources (e.g. overseas), number of income earners, and dependents in the household.

The boundaries are loosely based off the Community Card thresholds. While you do not need to own a Community Card, if you are not eligible for one, it is unlikely that you will be eligible for our scholarships. You can read the income limits for Community Cards here.

We also do not offer scholarships for overseas and international students.

Our scholarships depend on the level of financial aid required. We do our best to make our services as accessible as possible. This can include partial or full subsidisation of physical classes, courses, workshops, Academy memberships, academic coaching and other help.

Simple – start by filling in the form below. We may get in touch with you to clarify your situation and may call you or your parents as part of the process if necessary. While we award scholarships freely, we also protect our brand value and screen candidates who are not serious or try to exploit our charitable nature.

Scholarship Application Form

Need help with mental health?

Our Clarity fund will help pay for you to receive counselling. It’s open for all premed students and you don’t need to fill in a scholarship application.

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