NZ's Largest Premed Question Bank

More Than Just "A Lot of Questions"

  • Personalised Difficulty Across 5 Levels (Based on SOLO Taxonomy).
  • Comprehensive Topic Coverage, Arranged by Major Concepts
  • Over 1800 Custom-Created Questions with More Added Daily.
  • Explanation and Answer for Every Question
  • Instant Feedback and Forced Reflection for Maximum Learning
  • Micro-learning Algorithm - Optimised for Learning On The Go
  • Unlimited Question Attempts and Access
  • Calibrated to University Standards and Styles
  • Daily Surveillance and Question Quality Control
  • Covers Content for BIOSCI 107, CHEM 110 and POPLHLTH 111

Industry-leading personalisation and microlearning algorithms.

Microlearning with SOLO Taxonomy

It wouldn’t be a JTT product if it wasn’t designed for maximum learning efficiency.


Most of our students access the full question bank via their Academy memberships!


$ 90

Single paper access.

  • 500+ Questions Per Paper
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to single paper


$ 197

Access all 3 core papers.

  • 500+ Questions Per Paper
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to BIOSCI 107
  • Access to CHEM 110
  • Access to POPLHLTH 111
SAVE 27%
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