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Membership pricing updates on the 1st of every month. You could reach the next tier of pricing by inviting just a couple of friends!

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Prices are at least 200% more affordable than competitors (even at maximum cost) due to our zero-profit pricing. The calculation is simply weekly cost divided by total number of sign-ups. See the cost breakdown for weekly costs during peak-season vs off-peak.

How Our Pricing Works


The cost to provide our services is shared across all members. Because we only charge enough to cover costs, we need to have payment secured before we can offer a discounted price. Therefore, discounts are carried into the next month's pricing. 


For example, if the total cost is $2000, and last month there were 100 sign-ups, this month's membership would be $20/week per person ($2000/100 sign-ups). If we then had only 80 sign-ups this month at $20/week, next month's price would be $25/week ($2000/80).


Prices and discounts are staggered by one month so that we can secure payment and confirm that our costs are covered for the month to come.

You can sign up whenever you want. You will always pay the current month's price at the time of sign-up and your membership will always be active for one full month from the date of purchase.

For example, let's say the price for May is $30/week. If you sign-up on the 1st of May, your membership would expire on the 31st of May. If you signed up on the 20th of May, you would pay May's price of $30/week and your membership would expire on the 19th of June. If you then decided to sign-up for another month on the 25th of June, you would then pay June's pricing, with your month expiring on the 24th of July.

You can sign up whenever you want. You will always pay the current month's price at the time of sign-up and your membership will always be active for one full month from the date of purchase.

For example, if...

  • It's currently May 15th
  • The price during May is $50/week

If you decide to sign up, you will pay $50/week x 4 weeks (=$200). Your membership expires after 4 weeks.

If you decide to sign up again straight away, you would pay for June's pricing, which might be different. Or you could not renew and sign up on any other month.


You will always have access to one full month of membership, no matter when you pay. You will always pay the current month's price, listed at the time of sign-up.

Please see the question "Do I have to sign-up at the beginning of the month?" to learn more.


If you don't urgently need help and there are only a few days until the end of the month, and if you know that next month's pricing is cheaper than this month, you should wait a few days until the next month's pricing!

Approximately 40% of our students are in year 12 or year 13. As our services are fully online, high school students are able to study ahead using our online Academy and utilise our tutors as well. However, we recommend you to book a consultation with us first as this may not be the most advisable plan for your situation.

If you would like to pay for multiple months at once, please speak with our student advisor here to organise a custom membership option for you.

Our friendly tutors are handpicked previous students who have received A+ for the paper, have exceptional communication skills, and genuinely care about students and the work we do. They complete a full tutor training course on evidence-based teaching techniques with constant monthly evaluations. Tutors are also kept up-to-date on any changes to the papers every year (which are usually minimal). Our tutors receive more training than any other company in the market.

As a registered non-profit, our purpose is not to make as much money as possible. Our purpose is to help students. As long as we are able to fund this, we have no need to charge more.

We're proud of our quality and believe it is the best in the market. Not only do we have the highest level of staff training, strictest quality control, most frequent student experience evaluations, and most evidence-based course designs, but of the 200 to 300 students we work with every year, approximately 80% are from word of mouth. Relative to the money spent on ads and marketing, we have 20:1 more word of mouth referrals compared to our competitors.

Every membership includes...

Online Academy Access

A+ tutorials covering 99% of the core paper material, including relevant textbook content. Unlimited access to all Auckland core papers while membership is active.

500+ Practice Questions

Custom-created questions within the online Academy testing you on key principles.

10 Hours of A+ Private Tutor Access Every Week

Drop in to online open tutor sessions to receive a personalised on-demand tutorial to any of our on-call A+ private tutors, available 2 hours per evening, 5 days per week. Our tutors can cover BIOSCI 107, CHEM 110, POPLHLTH 111, MEDSCI 142, and PHYSICS 160.

Fortnightly Accountability and Milestone Sessions

Make friends, study together, keep yourself accountable and stay on track. Every fortnight, we’ll facilitate either physical or online group-study sessions (depending on COVID restrictions).

Exam Prep Crash Courses (Seasonal)

Before tests and exams, we’ll run a review tutorial covering all the main points for the entire exam from start to finish. These crash sessions are rapid and intensive. They won’t be your magic solution to getting an A+, but it’s a good opportunity to help you comb through the material and consolidate your knowledge.

Unlimited Access to Mentors

Book in a mentoring session to help you manage anxiety, stress or studying concerns at any time with our experienced senior students.

Members-Only Chat Server (Discord)

Ask questions and talk to other members on the exclusive community channel, hosted via Discord, the world’s leading community chat software!

Mental Health Insurance

We’ll cover 75% of the cost of any sessions you have with a registered clinical psychologist, up to $400 per student. Available for anyone with a current active membership, even in your first month. Fully confidential, no-questions asked process.

Cost Breakdown

We make a significant effort to operate JTT as lean as possible to avoid unnecessary charges for students. Through years of experience and process efficiency improvements, we are able to operate at a yearly cost of approximately 7% of competitors, despite serving approximately 20% of first-year premed students in Auckland.

Weekly Costs

Real costs may vary slightly.

Open tutor sessions, tutor training, crash courses and miscellaneous facilitation throughout the year. Yearly costs distributed weekly.


Student advisor on call for free strategy and information consultations. Yearly costs distributed weekly.


Staff and student coordination, events and logistics, regular administrative work, executive action and strategy, quality control, and staff training. Some of this cost is directly related to providing programs that benefit students, while some is administrative. Yearly costs distributed weekly.


Costs associated with reaching more students and increasing awareness, including marketing management and advertising. Yearly costs distributed weekly.


Website maintenance, server costs, ecommerce payment system, video hosting, learning management system maintenance, membership software and various other softwares. Our extensively optimised automatic systems remove the need for an extra employee.


As a registered not-for-profit, it is important that we keep our accounts to high standards to comply with NZ Companies, IRD and NZ Charities Register. Yearly book-keeping and accounting costs distributed weekly.


Based on data from 2021, we predict that $5/week is sufficient to cover the average mental health needs of our cohort.


Other miscellaneous expenses to do with smoothly and correctly operating the organisation. Excess is invested into social events for students. Yearly costs distributed weekly.

Emergency $105.40

A small 5% buffer in case of unexpected costs. This helps us stay stable.

GST (15%) $332.01
Total $2545.41 (Rounded to $2546)

Actual spend may be slightly higher and almost never lower. The low-end figure of $2430 is used for peak-season* membership cost calculations.

$2545.41 (Rounded to $2546)

Approximately 81% of weekly cost* goes to providing services that benefit students.

Approximately 19% is administrative or management expense.

*excluding emergency buffer

*During off-peak months of December, January and February, tutor availability is reduced, which is reflected in a lower monthly pricing.

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