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Social Enterprise: A Model for Sustainable Impact


Subsidised Pricing.

We charge for market-leading services, subsidising the cost based on every student’s financial situation. Students pay anywhere from original price to below-cost to nothing at all, depending on their situation.


100% Reinvestment. 0% Profit.

All funds after paying staff wages are reinvested into improving services, giving more in-kind scholarships, paying for 3rd-party mental health services for premed students, producing free content and running community programs.

What is a social enterprise?
Social enterprises achieve a positive impact (like charities), but using scalable and sustainable models (like businesses). Many consider social enterprises as “smart charities” and a way to make a difference without relying on donations and volunteers.

Our Gold Standard Guarantee

We guarantee that our advice and services are market-leading. If you believe that you can get more reliable guidance and support from anywhere else, or if you would have a higher chance of medical entry with any other company, you will get a full refund AND we will continue to work for you for free*.

*As long as you aren’t lazy, uncooperative or repeatedly ignoring our advice and recommendations.

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Dependable Expertise

Only 6 to 8% of first year students are accepted into medical school
< 8%
JTT Students 48%

Of our students trust our advice more than any other source.

Meaningful Impact


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