Dr Jae Hyun Jeong

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Dr Jae Hyun Jeong
MBChB, BMedsci (Hons)

Jae moved to Auckland from South Korea from a very young age and regards himself as a proud Korean Kiwi.
He graduated Westlake Boys High School with a scholarship award and attended University of Auckland medical school where he also worked as a human anatomy lab demonstrator. Since graduating, he has been working around the 3 Auckland Hospitals, mainly at Middlemore Hospital.
Jae has more than 8 years of tutoring experience and has helped many students excel in high school and first-year university. He enjoys deep satisfaction from learning and teaching.
He enjoys singing, traveling, eating street food and learning new languages. Previously he has been part of the NZ Youth Choir. Jae’s friends are inspirational and recently have motivated him to start a Youtube channel to deliver accurate information about medical school and his experience as a doctor at the same time ensuring you get a few laughs throughout the day.
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