My Formula to Easily Enter Medical School

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How to Enter Medical School: A Step-by-Step Guide

After helping students with medical admission more than anyone else in NZ, I’m sharing my safest formula for entering medical school.

We’ll explain the basic details of Otago vs Auckland, the requirements for entering successfully and the most common mistakes made by >90% of premed students

We’re also talking about misconceptions around:

  • How to get good grades and the difficulty of premed vs high school
  • How important UCAT or Interview TRULY is (hint: it’s not the same as the weighting %)
  • When you should and definitely SHOULD NOT get tutoring
  • What you should be doing in year 13 (or even year 12) to make a massive difference to your chances.
This is modified from our Medical Insights NZ free webinar series held in July 2020. If you haven’t seen part 1 about what being a doctor is like, check that out here.


3:41 – Medical Entry at Otago University
6:20 – Medical Entry at Auckland University
15:17 – Grade weighting for medical entry
18:23 – UCAT and MMI
21:05 – How much more difficult is it to get an A+ at Uni compared to an Excellence in NCEA?
28:18 – What steps do I need to take to achieve serial A+’s


32:14 – Is it beneficial to do scholarship NCEA exams?
35:45 – What are the exams like for the University papers?
37:26 – Should I enroll in UCAT courses? (ie. ICanMed)
38:30 – What do you get asked in the MMI?
39:56 – Getting tutoring in high school and premed – is this recommended?
50:23 – When should I get JTT Academy?
50:54 – I feel like I haven’t studied enough – how do I deal with this mindset?
55:41 – What resources should I use to prepare for premed in Year 13?
57:40 – Why signing contracts for tutoring is BAD!
58:38 – What is the UCAT? How important is it? When should I start preparing for it?
59:49 – Is it harder to get into Otago University Med School than Auckland University Med School?
1:09:21 – Is the material given by the lecturers enough to get good grades?
1:11:21 – How do you study efficiently?
1:18:54 – Is first year premed a recap of Year 13?
1:20:00 – Is it beneficial to get work experience? (in medical-related fields)
1:24:27 – Do kids with parents as doctors have a higher chance of getting into medicine?

Take the confusion out of medical admissions

We have more experience helping students enter medical school in NZ than anyone else in the country. We guarantee that our advice is not only the most honest and transparent guidance around but also the most reliable and experienced.

Book a FREE consultation to plan your path to becoming a doctor.

A personalised strategy for medical entry

Book your free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation with our expert advisor now!

You don’t know what you don’t know. Most students we have worked with massively underestimate some aspects of medical entry while overestimating others. Leave your consultation with a clear understanding of where your current position is and exactly what you need to do to optimise your chances of medical entry.

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About the author
Justin Sung
Justin Sung
Justin is a medical doctor, University of Auckland graduate, published research author, certified teacher, and founder of JTT. He has assisted thousands of students into healthcare careers since 2011, making him New Zealand's individually most experienced medical entry expert. He regularly works with schools and organisations to help students and professionals learn more effectively.

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