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  • 300+ Ratings by Real Students
  • 98% Average Satisfaction Score
  • Zero ratings below 90%

Deep, engaging, and a pleasure to listen to - Justin's Interview workshops went above and beyond... Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

David Thibaud, 2018
Ahmed Sherif
Ahmed Sherif
JTT family of 2016
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Amazing! JTT cut the fat and taught us the techniques in an easy to follow and succinct way. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone doing the MMI.
Sameer Bhat
Sameer Bhat
JTT family of 2016
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JTT interview prep classes were a must attend… they really breakdown the daunting MMI into manageable sections, with a focus on maintaining individuality…
Noor Aljawahiri
Noor Aljawahiri
JTT family of 2016
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Never once did I feel I wasn’t benefitting… unlike a lot of other tutoring companies JTT provides really reasonable prices but with an amazing quality of service!
Aoi Yoshihara
Aoi Yoshihara
JTT family of 2018
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JTT has provided students with new and very effective resources for MMI and I found it easier to construct my answers and improved the overall answer significantly. Thank you so much!

“Initially, I had great doubts about my ability to succeed in the interviews; it was by far my weakest area. Through Justin’s tutoring, I was able to develop the confidence and skills to excel in the interviews and gain a place in the medical school. His tutoring not only helped with the interviews, but helped me learn valuable communication skills for everyday and professional life.”

– Sally Park, 2015

“Very well prepared and straight to the point. The MMI simulation was extremely helpful and I am so glad I purchased it. I know what I need to improve on and how much I need to prepare.”

– Zaynah Khan, 2018

“He has a valuable repertoire of drills and techniques that no other tutors offers. Without Justin’s help, I don’t think my interview would be as much of a breeze as it was. Not only does he deliver information in simple and comprehensive manner, but he also makes a great deal of effort to answer questions in his own private time, showing genuine care about his students. Highly highly recommended”

– Victoria Cai, 2016

“JTT’s interview course has actually exceeded my expectations. The guidebook is also very detailed, but concise… If my younger peers were to ask for interview help, I would recommend them this service.”

– Helen Zheng, 2018

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How does it work?

Our approach to interviews sets the bar for excellence. The first and only MMI preparation provider in Australasia to offer a multi-stage, multi-modal learning experience, designed to progressively improve your ability over time.

Learn, apply and understand our approach to being an effective candidate with practical solutions.


  • 10 hours across 2 days of theory and content preparation
  • Step-by-step structures and answering frameworks, designed by professionals and evaluated against best-practice research
  • Overview of the health system and medical career
  • Strategies for role-playing using industry-standard techniques taught in medical school
Learn, apply and understand our approach to being an effective candidate with practical solutions.
Efficient Guide to MMI/Interview
Students Claim Our Efficient Guide to MMI is the best of its kind.


  • Comprehensive overview of MMI and all relevant techniques
  • Step-by-step breakdown of model answers
  • Medico-ethical principles that you need to know for MMI
  • Summary of important Maori and Healthcare issues
  • Question bank of 250+ questions, arranged by MMI station
  • Problem-busters section featuring dozens of common mistakes and symptoms, with targetted practice strategies and drill recommendations
Students Claim Our Efficient Guide to MMI is the best of its kind.
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Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Self and Peer Practice

Take control of your progress by practising individually and in groups using our comprehensive guidelines and milestones, designed to keep you on track.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.
Leverage the insights and perspectives of more experienced medical students and doctors.


Our trained interview coaches will help you problem solve, give feedback, and get you interview ready.

  • 2-hour coaching session included in course package
  • Groups of 2 to 3 students are matched with a trained interview coach, hand-picked from top interviewing medical students or doctors
  • Individualised feedback and critique on your structure and content
Leverage the insights and perspectives of more experienced medical students and doctors.
JTT MMI Interview Online Module
Our comprehensive online module means you get out as much as you put in.

Online Modules

  • Additional reading
  • Exclusive videos of example answer breakdowns and common mistakes
  • Strategies and resources to refine your arguments
  • Techniques to develop your content
  • More advanced frameworks and strategies
Our comprehensive online module means you get out as much as you put in.
MMI Simulation station
Attend our MMI simulation with a select panel of real doctors and health professionals.

Realistic Simulation

Our students report this to be the most realistic simulation available, with students rating it an average of 98.6% and a lowest-ever rating of 90%. This simulation tells you where you truly stand.

  • Same conditions, stations and timing as the real MMI
  • Questions designed to be more challenging than the real MMI
  • Personalised feedback sheets and individual station scores
  • Limited to the first 80 students
Attend our MMI simulation with a select panel of real doctors and health professionals.

Want unbeatable preparation for your interview?

🔥 Early stream*: Second weekend of semester 2, 2020.
Late stream: First weekend after MEDSCI 142 final exam, 2020.
Exact dates TBA once University time-table finalised.


The normal industry standard, but with our uniquely simple and practical approach.
$ 230
  • Workshop or Online course access only
  • Guidebook not included


A league above the rest.
Your definitive MMI preparation solution.
$ 549
  • Workshop - 2 days, 10 hours
  • JTT Efficient Guide to MMI
  • Online modules
  • 2 hours of small-group coaching
  • Realistic MMI Simulation


Value and quality unbeatable by anyone else.
So much value that it's in the name.
$ 389
  • Workshop - 2 days, 10 hours
  • JTT Efficient Guide to MMI
  • Online modules


The early stream gives much more time to prepare. If any issues are identified, it’s best to tackle it diligently over weeks than to cram in any change last minute.

It is always advisable to attend the early stream rather than the late stream, if possible.

On the other hand, the late stream still does give enough time for intensive preparation if the early stream was not possible to attend. As there is usually nothing else to be focused on at that time of the year (after exams), a large amount of preparation is possible in the 3 to 4 weeks between the late stream and the real interview.

The early stream workshop is held in the middle of the year around mid August.
The late stream is held after the MEDSCI 142 exam in early November.

The final dates are released upon confirmation of the University time-table.

Coaching sessions occur between the workshop and the simulation. This can be scheduled at anytime, but we recommend no earlier than October to give yourself time to practice individually and among peers. This will make the most of your coaching session.

Our MMI simulation is the most realistic simulation available, held approximately 1 to 2 weeks before the real interview (around mid November).

You come dressed and prepared to be interviewed by real doctors and health professionals in the same stations, question styles, and timing as the real interview. You will receive a score and written feedback for every station you sit, as well as a chance to debrief on any issues encountered during the simulation. 

The average satisfaction rating given to our simulation by 200+ previous students is 99.6%. We have never received a rating below 90%. Compared to other simulations offered by student groups, clubs, and other companies, 100% of our students have reported that ours is the most realistic, challenging, and professional.

Please note: Our simulation always sells out. It is rare for us to have any simulation seats left after August. The seats are STRICTLY limited to 80 and it is rare for more than one or two people to be accepted from the waiting list (due to students being unable to attend on the day last-minute).

Experience, design, and approach.

The MMI course was designed and is run by Dr Justin Sung directly, who has experience guiding over 1000 students for MMI. This experience allows him to diagnose problem areas highly efficiently.

While most other preparation options are one-off workshops or resources, our course is a preparatory experience consisting of a 2-day workshop, comprehensive guidebook, question bank, small group coaching, online resources, and a simulation. Our Workshop Only solution is most comparable to other options, while still featuring our unique approach.

Students appreciate our pragmatic and simple approach to interview. Our interview strategies are very flexible and have a strong focus on being natural and genuine. Most of our students prefer this genuine-focused approach to other more rigid interview strategies, which is reflected in our very positive testimonials.

The interview ranking is based on:

  1. Four core GPA
  2. UCAT

By the end of semester 1, you will have an idea of your best possible core GPA, since 3 of the 4 core papers are completed by then. Similarly the UCAT score is generally available by the end of July.

This means that despite not having a definitive MEDSCI 142 score, you will know whether you are likely to get an interview offer. While the decision to purchase early is not necessary, it is advised and wise to, because our courses usually sell out before the second semester.

If you have special circumstances that require a more intensive or individualised coaching solution, we have a limited number of private students that we are able to accept.

As this is usually a high-demand service, it is subject to availability. If you are interested, please email

Our interview coaches are medical students or doctors with training and experience in coaching for MMI. Each coach is trained in our unique approach and how to give the most effective feedback.

This unique feedback and training style is what makes our coaching services so popular. Along with the simulation, our coaches are consistently rated as one of the most high-value aspects of the course.

After four years of experimentation, we have definitively concluded that two- or three-on-one is the ideal ratio for interview coaching. This is superior to one-on-one for a few reasons:

  1. One-on-one continuous interview training is very tiring for the student.
  2. The diversity of ideas and opinions is one of the most important element of good interview preparation. This is absent in one-on-one.
  3. Small groups allow students to train the ability to think like a listening interviewer, which is a beneficial perspective to unlock.
  4. Sessions are usually more enjoyable in small groups, which increases learning, productivity and sustainability.
  5. Small groups promote peer practice and gives an opportunity for us to refine the peer practice techniques, which form the bulk of a student’s total preparation time.

Of course not. But it guarantees the simplest, most efficiency-focused, most-genuine approach to interview available.

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