A Simpler, More Genuine Approach to Excelling at the MMI

Bring the best version of yourself into the interview. If you’re looking to fake it, look elsewhere. This course isn’t for you!

Sign-ups for 2022 are NOT open yet. If you’d like to enquire about our course for 2022, please speak to our student advisor here.

Early stream started 24th of July!

Course Breakdown


Online Course

Learn to expertly analyse the question stem, use your thinking time strategically and present a concise, genuine and meaningful answer. We’ve packed years of experience into a high-yield, simple course that helps you tackle every element of the MMI confidently.

Strategies Covered


Justin coaching a group of students for interview

Small Group Coaching

Refine your technique and get direct feedback with our trained coaches. You’ll be put into groups of three, learning from both our coach and your peers. Our coaches are senior medical students with more experience and specialised interview coach training.

Two hours of coaching are included for Expert and Ultimate packages. Sessions can be booked at your convenience.


Discord Interview Image

Q&A and Demonstrations

Get expert demonstrations for any question you struggle with and answers to all of your interview questions. Dr Justin will hold regular sessions in our members-only Discord channel, every month from July until November.


MMI Simulation station

MMI Simulation

Consistently rated as the most realistic simulation on offer, experience a mock MMI with the same stations and timing. You’ll be interviewed by real healthcare professionals and scored for feedback.

Simulation seats are highly limited and normally fill by September.

Deep, engaging, and a pleasure to listen to - Justin's Interview workshops went above and beyond... Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

David Thibaud, 2018
Ahmed Sherif
Ahmed Sherif
JTT family of 2016
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Amazing! JTT cut the fat and taught us the techniques in an easy to follow and succinct way. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone doing the MMI.
Sameer Bhat
Sameer Bhat
JTT family of 2016
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JTT interview prep classes were a must attend… they really breakdown the daunting MMI into manageable sections, with a focus on maintaining individuality…
Noor Aljawahiri
Noor Aljawahiri
JTT family of 2016
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Never once did I feel I wasn’t benefitting… unlike a lot of other tutoring companies JTT provides really reasonable prices but with an amazing quality of service!
Aoi Yoshihara
Aoi Yoshihara
JTT family of 2018
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JTT has provided students with new and very effective resources for MMI and I found it easier to construct my answers and improved the overall answer significantly. Thank you so much!

“Initially, I had great doubts about my ability to succeed in the interviews; it was by far my weakest area. Through Justin’s tutoring, I was able to develop the confidence and skills to excel in the interviews and gain a place in the medical school. His tutoring not only helped with the interviews, but helped me learn valuable communication skills for everyday and professional life.”

– Sally Park, 2015

“Very well prepared and straight to the point. The MMI simulation was extremely helpful and I am so glad I purchased it. I know what I need to improve on and how much I need to prepare.”

– Zaynah Khan, 2018

“He has a valuable repertoire of drills and techniques that no other tutors offers. Without Justin’s help, I don’t think my interview would be as much of a breeze as it was. Not only does he deliver information in simple and comprehensive manner, but he also makes a great deal of effort to answer questions in his own private time, showing genuine care about his students. Highly highly recommended”

– Victoria Cai, 2016

“JTT’s interview course has actually exceeded my expectations. The guidebook is also very detailed, but concise… If my younger peers were to ask for interview help, I would recommend them this service.”

– Helen Zheng, 2018

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MMI Course Pricing

Online course access granted INSTANTLY on purchase.

Online Only

Just the online course and Q&A/demonstrations
$ 199
  • Full online course access
  • Q&A and Demonstrations


Everything you need
$ 499
  • Full online course access
  • Q&A and demonstrations
  • Small group coaching (2 hours)
  • Realistic MMI simulation

Online Plus

Same as Online Only + Small group coaching
$ 409
  • Full online course access
  • Q&A and demonstrations
  • Small group coaching (2 hours)


We recommend starting preparation immediately after your semester 1 results are released. By then, you should be able to estimate if you will receive an interview offer or not, as interview offers are based on semester 1 grades.

The earlier streams give much more time to prepare. If any issues are identified, it’s best to tackle it diligently over weeks or months than to cram in any change last minute.

The simulation is held approximately 2 weeks prior to the real MMI start date. The time between the simulation and your actual interview can be anywhere from 12 to 21 days, depending on your actual interview slot.

You come dressed and prepared to be interviewed by real doctors and health professionals in the same stations, question styles, and timing as the real interview. You will receive a score and written feedback for every station you sit, as well as a chance to debrief on any issues encountered during the simulation. 

Please note: Our simulation always sells out. A waiting list is available for last-minute additions, however we recommend securing a seat before September to be safe.

The interview ranking is based on your first semester grades and the best possible grade (calculated from your test results) for MEDSCI 142 in semester 2. While the actual offers are released in late October or early November, you can make a reasonable guess as to your chances by around July when semester 1 results are released.

This means that despite not having a definitive MEDSCI 142 score, you will know whether you are likely to get an interview offer. As our courses sell out around September, it is recommended to sign up before then.

This is not a very useful statistic, since the actual entry into medical school is determined by more than just interview. Over the last five years, approximately 60% of the students who sit our MMI course are accepted into medical school. However, as mentioned, this is a fairly meaningless statistic as we cannot tell how many of these students would have been accepted without our help.

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