Graduate Entry into Medical School in NZ – The Breakdown

Graduate Medical School Entry
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In the final part of our webinar series, we’ll discuss:

– The different pathways for graduate medical entry
– Who graduate entry is good for and its advantages over undergraduate entry
– How to maximise chances during graduate entry and what you need to do (including the common mistakes)
– As well as answering your questions as we usually do.

Watch our first webinar on the personality types that do well in medicine, or our second webinar on how to enter medical school safely in NZ.


1:50 – What are the different pathways of entering into medical school?
5:11 – What papers should students be picking for their 2nd year papers if they’re aiming for Med School Grad Entry?
10:55 – What’s the difference between Graduate Entry in Auckland and Otago? (+ Entry eligibility)
14:52 – What are the benefits of Graduate Entry over Undergraduate Entry?
22:01 – What are the disadvantages of Graduate Entry over Undergraduate Entry?
26:40 – What are the pressures of maintaining a really high GPA and re-doing the UCAT like?
31:21 – What happens if you miss out on applying for Graduate Entry in 2nd year?
36:33 – What do we need to do to maximise our chances of getting into Med via Graduate Entry?

Looking for graduate entry advice?

Book a free consultation with Priyanka, this webinar’s guest and our graduate entry student advisor. Or if you want to see how we can help, book a specialised consultation instead.

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About the author
Justin Sung
Justin Sung
Justin is a medical doctor, University of Auckland graduate, published research author, certified teacher, and founder of JTT. He has assisted thousands of students into healthcare careers since 2011, making him New Zealand's individually most experienced medical entry expert. He regularly works with schools and organisations to help students and professionals learn more effectively.

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