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Academy members work hard and work smart.

  • Online courses covering all core premed papers
  • Thousands of practice questions with explanations
  • Weekly face-to-face or livestreamed classes
  • Online Q&A Forum

Cram courses aren't what they're hyped up to be.

The appeal of a cram course is strong: short, intensive preparation before semester to get a flying start. But the real appeal is that it's an easy way to make lots of money quickly.

A head start alone does not make much difference in the outcome! It's called the fade-out effect and occurs because most students aren't able to stay ahead, causing flying starts to crash into painful grinds. It's like trying to sprint a marathon.

Don't believe me? Ask around and you might discover something interesting!

We ran cram courses.

But once we realised that it promised the world without delivering, we changed the way we support students to something that actually works.

Good grades are a symptom of good habits, study skills, environments, stress management, time management, focus, support and high-quality resources.

One-and-done? More like doesn't-cut-it.

Academy memberships are designed with the entire student experience in mind:

  • Study weeks or months ahead
  • Test your understanding
  • Develop better study habits
  • Connect with like-minded and supportive peers
  • Avoid the pitfalls that cause 80-90% of students to fail
  • Receive continuous support and guidance throughout the year

Focus on doing, instead of worrying if you're doing it right.

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Remove Uncertainty

Academy memberships are ideal for early preparation, exam revision or just to stay on track during the semester.

Innovation through experience

Our courses are more than just video tutorials. We leverage our experience into world-class teaching in a fluid online course that follows international best-practice guidelines. As you progress, students not only learn the material, but also learn to study more effectively.

How we construct each course

Professors have expert bias and content can be overwhelming. We go through the courses and dissect each topic into their core concepts, often combining multiple lectures and sources.

Not all explanations are equal. We explore different teaching options and concept pathways to identify the simplest way for students to understand it to an A+ level.

Teaching effectively is about creating logic and meaning. Topics are re-organised based on our evaluation and taught by our tutors from the foundations up. This allows it to be high-yield for top-achievers, while simple enough for beginners.

Overcome difficulties before you face them. After teaching for so many years, we can predict problems that students will face at each turn, allowing us to include studying tips to overcome them smoothly while everyone else is scratching their heads in a few weeks time.

Go Online

Our online courses cover 99% of what you need to know for an A+, including information from the textbook.

Academy Mockup

Of Academy Plus members are satisfied with their membership.


Say their membership made premed more manageable.


Of members say that Academy courses are easier to understand than lectures.

On Academy it'll be a 14-minute video, but in the lecture they take like 50 minutes to explain the same thing and not as well.

Olivia Fleming, 2020

After implementing their advice, I began to study far more effectively using a fraction of the time I used to spend. ​

Mahima Sharma, 2019

How Does Academy Compare?

JTT was founded by Dr Justin Sung, NZ’s leading expert on medical entry and our team is rigorously trained to deliver consistently market-leading quality of service.

Cram Courses Other Videos JTT Academy
Designed for A+ Level
Highly Trained Tutors
24/7 Instant Access
Improves studying efficiency
Whole year coverage
Practice questions and explanations


Online only videos
From $130 per month
Cram/head-start courses
$1500 to $5000+
Private tutoring
$4000 - $10,000+

Content Covered

Cram/head-start courses
Online only videos
Main concepts
Private tutoring
Most material
A+ level including textbooks

Our Members Believe in Equity

Profit from every purchase is reinvested to support our community.
Over $ 3
Worth of support to mental health and health education in NZ.
Kate Lee
Kate Lee
Read More
Like everyone, I was always sceptical about tutoring companies including JTT but I gave them a chance and to this day am very glad that I did. What differentiates JTT from other companies is the genuineness and authenticity that perpetuates in their services. They provide beyond what students even know what they are looking for and because of this, build a strong rapport to enable their academic prosperity. Because of this JTT will always remain dear to my heart.
Alexandreena Josepheene Santawirya
Alexandreena Josepheene Santawirya
Read More
You see all those posts and hear those rants not to trust external tutorial companies for pre-med especially because you'll apparently be scammed but this couldn't be further from the truth. JTT provides a safe and supportive environment which genuinely helps you through out the whole year... A family that you will never forget and who all want to change the world as much as you do.
Anthony Hua
Anthony Hua
Read More
JTT has kept me motivated and given me a healthy, encouraging, and inspiring support network of friends and tutors. The JTT team is so incredibly supportive and helped make a stressful year more fun and doable than I ever anticipated going in.
Isabella Ho
Isabella Ho
Read More
When reading JTT reviews myself at the start of the year, I was initially skeptical about how amazing and holistic a premed service could be. Attending JTT lessons hosted by excellent tutors and building supportive relationships with my peers has furthered my learning techniques in unforeseeable ways. One of the most valuables lessons from JTT is what a career in medicine actually entails without romanticism. Highly recommend!
Catherine Emata
Catherine Emata
Read More
JTT has been a great help this year. Their services have always been delivered in a concise, clear and easy to understand manner. It was always very easy to gain support and help from them. Thank you for all the help!
Christian Browne
Christian Browne
Read More
Justin pours his heart and soul into making the JTT experience the most high quality, affordable, and inclusive tuition experience to date. There's a sense of togetherness in students, good banter, and genuine cheerfulness. Any tuition company can provide an adequate educational service, but Justin aims to do more than just that.

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

No locked-in contracts. No high-risk commitments.
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Monthly Payment
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Online-only access for students who want to get ahead, without classes.
$ 99

Per Month
  • Access to Biology
  • Access to Chemistry
  • Access to Population Health
  • Access to Medical Science
  • 350+ Quiz Questions
  • Unlimited replay
  • Online classroom for Q&A


For students who want a safer option, including regular weekly class tutorials.
$ 299

Per Month
  • Everything from Basic

We hold a two-hour class every week for each core paper, which you can attend in person or via Livestream.

$30 per class without membership.

Each class covers lectures in advance and revises on the most difficult content. Our tutors are also trained to improve your self-study skills and detect problems early to make sure you stay on the right track.

Over 70% of all 90th+ percentile UCAT scores in 2020 were from iCanMed.

This is an industry-dominating level of superiority, which is why we recommend our students to sign up to the iCanMed UCAT course.

JTT Academy plus students receive an exclusive 40% discount on their most popular UCAT Pro course.

*We make no referral fee or commission from recommend iCanMed. It’s just two best-in-industry organisations respecting each other’s students.

Our most popular Academy course series. Hundreds of students have reported it halving their study time.

Take control of your year. Massively improve your studying efficiency with our evidence-based Study Smarter course.

Learn how the most productive people handle their time and manage their stress.

Ensure there aren’t any hidden cracks in your system with our interactive workshop held before Semester begins. This is your opportunity to receive individualised feedback before the year.

Easily cancel your membership online.


For students who want an individualised package for any premed services.
Price per quote
  • Receive a custom, fully individualised strategy, including private tutors, mentors, academic coaching and course access.
  • We guarantee the highest and most rigorous level of individualisation available for your exact needs.

Custom Membership Enquiry

Custom memberships are completely individualised for the specific needs, level and preferences of the student. Often, custom memberships are more intensive and feature private mentoring and coaching.

If you are interested in a custom membership, book in a free 30-minute “Consultation for Custom Memberships” with Dr Justin Sung via the form below. We will evaluate your needs and custom-design your ideal support package.

Don't let money hold you back from your dream.

Good doctors come from any background. If you’re restricted by finances or personal circumstances, apply for our scholarships and we will make it work for you.

Academy doesn’t just prepare you for a single year of university or specific papers, it equips you with skills that you’ll need for life. Academy will completely shift your perspective on stress, time management and becoming an efficient, life-long learner. If you’re still on the fence about joining Academy, hop off and join the dark side. You won’t regret it.
Devany - JTT Academy Student in Otago
Otago Academy Student 2020
JTT academy is actually the most useful and helpful resource out there. I'm just a few weeks in and I've learnt a lot of content in a depth I have never before. The tutors are really helpful and also the way in which they approach learning itself has allowed me to be a much better student. Would definitely recommend for anyone serious about not only getting into med but also wanting to improve their learning standards
Abdullah - Auckland Academy Student 2020
Auckland Academy Student 2020

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