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Save Yourself the Stress

Did you know? 90% of our students sign up to a custom membership!

Take the hassle and uncertainty out of finding the best support. We will work with you to evaluate your needs and offer you the most individually optimised combination of memberships within your budget.

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When you can tackle premed the smart way, you get results you deserve without the stress.
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Use this to...

Maintain momentum during the semester, make sure you're on track and stay social.

$ 30
per 2 hour class
  • Surrounded by like-minded peers
  • Concept-focused teaching
  • One week of lectures in advance
  • Opportunity to review
  • Reduced individualisation
  • No control over time/schedule
  • Relatively fixed, moderate intensity

Attending more than one class?
You can get all of our classes with a membership.

Classes/Group Tutoring

Staying on track means staying ahead.

Our tutorials cover lectures a week in advance, addressing difficult concepts that normally waste your time during self-study. Our tutors are also trained to help students develop their study skills and detect early warning signs.

Semester 1: Two hours, once/week per core paper (total 3 tutorials/week) – Mon, Tues, Thurs

Semester 2: Two tutorials per week for MEDSCI 142 – Monday learns ahead of lectures while Thursday is a dedicated review session.

All of our regular tutorials are held at our main office at Future Stables, Level B, 16 Anzac Ave (7-minute walk from University of Auckland).

Our classes are first-in-first-served with typically 20-30 students per class. We limit each regular tutorial at 40 students.

We don’t aim for “good enough”. Our tutors are the best around: hand-picked, expertly-trained, constantly evaluated, grass-fed, and free-range. Our tutor training program follows international best-practice and sets the bar.

Our lessons are designed to strategically cut away what’s useless, rearrange the material and explain it in a way that makes sense to you, at a pre-medical level. That means you can focus on learning what’s important.

Students always underestimate how much of a difference their peer and friend groups make in such a competitive environment.

JTT is a community and our classes are a pre-medical family. Our students say that the most valuable thing that they get out of the tutorials is actually the social capital!

Social capital refers to those factors of social groups that include interpersonal relationships, a shared sense of identity, understanding, norms, values, trust, cooperation, and reciprocity.
Teaching a student

Perfect for...

Students with particular needs, either at lower or higher achievement levels. Also a preferred option for many post-graduates.

$ 55
per hour
  • Fully individualised learning
  • Maximum ability to ask questions
  • Tailored level of intensity
  • More costly than classes
  • No social capital

Private Sessions

Our tutors are exclusively hand-picked from the top students of each paper, then meticulously trained and evaluated for quality control. We’ve crafted an evidence-based service to provide you with perfect-fit support.

Tutorial times are decided at the preference and convenience of you and the tutor. Our online tutor booking form allows you to set your preferences.

Location of tutorials is decided between the student and tutor. Sessions are typically held on university campus.

We want this to be as flexible as possible for you. There is no minimum obligation for number of private sessions and tutorials may be arranged as often as you like (as long as the tutor is available). You can use as many or as few tutors as you want. 

We currently offer tutoring services for CHEM 110, BIOSCI 107, POPLHLTH 111 and MEDSCI 142 at the University of Auckland.

For assistance with MMI or interview, please see our MMI/Interview page.

If you are looking for academic support outside of these topics, please enquire with us at info@jttmed.com. We regularly provide support for students in high school and other degrees via personalised plans.

Our tutors are all trained to deliver effective and individualised academic support in the same philosophy and approach that Justin uses in his own practice.

Your tutor will meet with you to discuss your needs, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and understand your expectations. They will then teach you the subject in an optimised way to help it make sense for you.

Unlike most other companies, we try to work ourselves into redundancy.

We place an extremely strong emphasis on creating independent learners. Our tutors will not only teach you what to know, but also how to think about it. Over time, and with diligent study, you should be less and less dependent on our tutors.

Our tutors are hand-picked from amongst A+ achieving medical students. That means that not only are they top achievers, but they are also the students who genuinely care about you and your experience.

Our feedback consistently reflects how impressed our students are with how genuinely supportive our tutors are.

Studying more efficiently with Justin

Perfect for...

The most driven students who value efficiency highly and are committed to succeed.

Variable Price
Quotes provided at evaluation
  • Suitable for all achievement levels
  • Massive medium- to long-term impact
  • Easily the highest value to cost ratio
  • Extremely individualised
  • Maximum growth potential
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • High effort and commitment
  • High difficulty and challenge
  • Relatively higher monetary cost
  • Not suitable for unmotivated students
  • Limited spaces (may be waitlisted)

Academic Coaching

Dramatically improve your studying efficiency. Or your money back.

Worried about your studying technique? Didn’t get the grades you were hoping for? Concerned about making the same mistakes moving forward?

Our academic coaching program may be for you.

Academic coaching is a specialist service. Unlike tutoring, which teaches you the content, academic coaching aims to make tutoring completely unnecessary by increasing your raw learning ability.

Most students are not taught on correct studying technique.

We use evidence-based learning principles to target exactly what your key learning strengths and limitations are to design a step-by-step plan to unlocking your learning potential. It is extremely individualised and includes time management, stress management, focus, and motivation enhancement.

We’re proud to say that our coaches represent not only the top academics, but also have highly refined interpersonal skills and are trained to industry-defining levels in learning psychology, mentoring and coaching best-practice.

Students often describe our coaching as academically life-changing. This is because we don’t “give tips”. We craft step-by-step plans to double or triple your studying speed, retention and overall efficiency.

If you are open-minded, motivated and willing to improve, we guarantee an improvement significantly faster and greater than you could achieve by yourself. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you get your money back. And we’ve never had to issue a refund.

Our longer-term packages are completely individualised with highly variable price. These can be quoted for you after an evaluation, if you wish.

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