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Tutoring companies often use success rates as a measure of effectiveness. However, this can be easily manipulated. For example, 55% of regular JTT students have been accepted into medical school over the last 5 years. This is approximately 8x higher than non-JTT students. "Regular" is defined as students that attend at least 70% of our services, including the MMI course. If we change this to 40% attendance, the success rate drops to around 30%, which is only 4x higher than the norm. You can see that this statistic is easy to manipulate!


Furthermore, it is impossible to know how many of these students would have entered medical school even without our help. In our opinion, at least a third (if not more) would have been successful without us. A more accurate measurement of a company's value are the subjective experiences and reviews from past students. Even if a student were to be accepted without us, making this process easier or smoother may still be worth the investment.


Please do not be swayed by statistics that you are unable to verify. The only reason we mention it in the introduction video above is because some parents are obsessed with statistics and ask us almost weekly if we don't state it.

How does it work?

Reliable support is surprisingly cheap when there’s no profit involved.

Your JTT Membership Gives You...

Teaching a student

A+ “Open Tutor Sessions”

Never worry about private tutoring again. With your membership, an exceptional, friendly tutor is always available at your fingertips – even with uncertain and fluctuating COVID restrictions. Our tutors are available 2 hours per evening, 5 days a week to answer your questions and give you immediate, personalised instruction. That’s 10 hours of tutor time you can access as much as you want. 

Online Academy

Study 99% of the core paper material, including text-book reading with our carefully designed video lessons. Previous students report that it’s 4x faster than learning from lectures! You get access to every lesson immediately, letting you study ahead before the lectures begin.

Check out the Academy

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Fortnightly Accountability and Milestone Sessions

Make friends, study together, keep yourself accountable and stay on track. Every fortnight, we’ll facilitate either physical or online group-study sessions (depending on COVID restrictions).

JTT Tutor teaching a class

Exam Prep Crash Courses

Before tests and exams, we’ll run a review tutorial covering all the main points for the entire exam from start to finish. These crash sessions are rapid and intensive. They won’t be your magic solution to getting an A+, but it’s a good opportunity to help you comb through the material and consolidate your knowledge.

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Mental Health Insurance

Need someone to talk to? University counsellor waiting list too long? As a JTT member, we’ll cover 50% of your fee for seeing a registered clinical psychologist or psychotherapist, up to a total of $500. Our claim process is completely confidential, with no sensitive questions asked.

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Unlimited Mentorship

Our much-loved mentors are available for you to book in and talk to at any time. Mentors help you get your head in the game, prioritise effectively, strategise your year, keep you accountable, and help you with career decisions.

JTT Mentors

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