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JTT is a NZ social enterprise dedicated to empowering future doctors, founded and led by Dr Justin Sung, NZ’s leading expert on medical entry.

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My Formula to Easily Enter Medical School

How to Enter Medical School: A Step-by-Step Guide After helping students with medical admission more than anyone else in NZ, I’m sharing my safest formula for entering medical school. We’ll…
Medical Interview Tips Auckland

Medical School Interview Guide: The Breakdown

The University of Auckland uses a “multiple-mini interview” (MMI) as part of it’s ranking algorithm for medical school entry. This interview is critically important and is one of the deciders…

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Rate of medical school entry
< 10%
JTT Students 56%

Enter ideal pathways (including non-medical)


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4.9 average over 200+ ratings


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Agree that we provide the best support they have found


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What do our students say?

Kate Lee
Kate Lee
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Like everyone, I was always sceptical about tutoring companies including JTT but I gave them a chance and to this day am very glad that I did. What differentiates JTT from other companies is the genuineness and authenticity that perpetuates in their services. They provide beyond what students even know what they are looking for and because of this, build a strong rapport to enable their academic prosperity. Because of this JTT will always remain dear to my heart.
Alexandreena Josepheene Santawirya
Alexandreena Josepheene Santawirya
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You see all those posts and hear those rants not to trust external tutorial companies for pre-med especially because you'll apparently be scammed but this couldn't be further from the truth. JTT provides a safe and supportive environment which genuinely helps you through out the whole year... A family that you will never forget and who all want to change the world as much as you do.
Anthony Hua
Anthony Hua
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JTT has kept me motivated and given me a healthy, encouraging, and inspiring support network of friends and tutors. The JTT team is so incredibly supportive and helped make a stressful year more fun and doable than I ever anticipated going in.
Isabella Ho
Isabella Ho
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When reading JTT reviews myself at the start of the year, I was initially skeptical about how amazing and holistic a premed service could be. Attending JTT lessons hosted by excellent tutors and building supportive relationships with my peers has furthered my learning techniques in unforeseeable ways. One of the most valuables lessons from JTT is what a career in medicine actually entails without romanticism. Highly recommend!
Catherine Emata
Catherine Emata
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JTT has been a great help this year. Their services have always been delivered in a concise, clear and easy to understand manner. It was always very easy to gain support and help from them. Thank you for all the help!
Christian Browne
Christian Browne
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Justin pours his heart and soul into making the JTT experience the most high quality, affordable, and inclusive tuition experience to date. There's a sense of togetherness in students, good banter, and genuine cheerfulness. Any tuition company can provide an adequate educational service, but Justin aims to do more than just that.
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I think the biggest testament for JTT was from friends who didn't do JTT who actually found [it] as a big source of help and would recommend JTT over the tutoring company that they were a part of...

Rosie Luo

JTT was my second home and I can’t imagine myself going through this hardcore study of 1st year Biomed without this amazing programme.

Daniel Lee

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You’ll find that most of our JTT Academy content overlaps with Otago content, so it’s still the best resource available to you!

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We have more individual experience than anyone else in NZ. JTT is also NZ’s only medical social enterprise owned by doctors and medical students for the purpose of supporting future doctors.

Our advice is often different because of the difference in experience, level of insight, or motivations behind the advice given.

We’ve broken this down in more detail in this article.

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